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Find the documents (Yantar) is an optional side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha from v1.4002.

Yantar is full of mystery and there are so many mutants that not everyone can get there. So there aren't many willing. And those eggheads are always looking for people to clear out the local hangars and basements. There may be some docs. Get there and take everything that you'll find. But first talk to Sakharov, he'll help.
- Petrenko


The mission is given by Petrenko while he is a Duty member, located in the back of the 100 Rads Bar.

The Find The Item side mission consists of five steps:

  1. Find all the documents at Yantar.
  2. Talk to Sakharov.
  3. Find any documents.
  4. Return to Petrenko or continue the search.
  5. Bring the documents.

Find all the documents at Yantar Edit

  • This is more the overall goal of the mission...

Talk to Sakharov Edit

Find any documents Edit

There are a total of nine documents to be found:

  1. Transport invoices ("yan_docs_part1_name")
  2. Calculations ("yan_docs_part2_name")
  3. Papers, see The expedition/Examine the second checkpoint ("yan_docs_part3_name")
  4. Report, see The expedition/Examine the second checkpoint ("yan_docs_part4_name")
  5. Experiment journal, see The expedition/Examine the first checkpoint ("yan_docs_part5_name")
  6. Order №316, see The expedition/Examine the hall ("yan_docs_part6_name")
  7. Letter ("yan_docs_part7_name")
  8. Document case ("yan_docs_part8_name")
  9. Sakharov's documents ("yan_docs_part9_name")

Return to Petrenko or continue the search Edit

Bring the documents Edit

  • There is no dialogue to conclude the mission, so the player will be stuck with deadweight and inventory clutter for the rest of the game (v1.4002)
  • The documents have zero mass in v1.4005.

Notes Edit

  • The mission may be given before you are able to enter Yantar(Lost Alpha).
  • The mission is bugged (v1.4002) and should be read in conjunction with the parallel The expedition quest.
  • The mission may be completed in v1.4005 with the corresponding reward being given.
  • There is no subsequent "documents mission" - the Documents Thread is concluded.

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