Find the missing wagon key is an undocumented side mission appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha mod.

Wolf has lost a key. He says that if I find it, as a reward i can go to the wagon it unlocks and take the stash. Or I can just return it to him for a small reward.
- Detailed task information


  • This mission is acquired from Wolf after resolving the Old Factory situation. It is broken up into two easy sub-tasks: 'find it' and 'return it'.
  • Wolf offers the player optional free access to the 'stash' that he has the drop on which is located in Wolf's Stash Wagon at the Garbage.
  • Although the loot is fairly run-of-the-mill stuff, unlocking the wagon gives the player another secure-able stashing location which will remain unvisited by other NPCs.

Find the key.Edit

  • Very easily located in the Underground Tunnel System in the first bunk room on the right when entering from the Road Tunnel.
  • Access may only be made if the mission has been accepted at which point the Road Tunnel door becomes accessible. The Wagon Key will only spawn under similar conditions anyway.
  • Opposition consists of five Rodents, some of which may provide sustenance.

Return the key to Wolf.Edit

  • Running back to Wolf in order to complete the mission will give the player the opportunity to engage in a minor dishonesty by asserting that the stash has been taken. It is unknown if this affects the player's Reputation in any way.
  • Since the key only masses a tiny 0.01 kg it is just as easy to return it in Freeplay.