The Find the safe task is a freeplay storyline mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

- PDA message history


  • The preceding mission concludes with the semi-cryptic clue pointing the player to a location where real soldiers march.


  • Although keeping to the road is a safe option, it is necessary to enter one of the buildings to reach the safe.
  • Entering the room containing the soldiers' campfire will provoke hostility, but keeping to the room containing the CO is safe enough.
  • Enter the code in the normal manner, take the contents.
  • Leave.


  • The goods exist in the safe at the commencement of the game. All that is required is foreknowledge of the code (v1.3003 to 1.4005)
  • Obviously, since the mission is only available in Freeplay it is not possible to complete it while on friendly terms with the Military.
  • It is safe to approach and ransack a drinks machine next to the road as well as any minor items inside the office.