Fuel barrel
LA Item BochkaFuel
General Characteristics

LA Icon BochkaFuel




25 Kg

Base cost

500 Ru

Lost Alpha

Explodes very nicely


The Fuel barrel is an explosive item found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Old, red 25L fuel barrel
- Inventory description


  • Widely dispersed throughout the Zone Levels, but mostly confined to Rostok and the Wild Territory.
  • Effectively, a replacement for the scenery item: Gas can, which does not explode.
  • Not always in the best place to be the most effective.
  • Heavy, but movable, acquirable and transportable.
  • Has a delayed action fuse in common with devices of this class.
  • May be grouped together for mass effect.
  • Easily set up in "domino lines".
  • A useful addition to a mobile arsenal.


  • Not all red barrels are acquirable. Some are just cement filled ashtrays, others are non-functional.
  • Some collected barrels will store "apart" from other barrels in a stash. Examination will indicate that the rogue item may be damaged to one degree or another. Consider disposing of such damaged items in preference to moving them in a mobile stashbox.
  • Unlike the Petrol can device which will frequently severely wound a targeted NPC, the Fuel barrel has a much more effective blast and blast radius.


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