The Get control of the hangar task is a storyline mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Good, help at last! Our leader, Seriy, is going to draw the attention of the bandits in the hangar. Meanwhile, we sneak our way around and shoot - take them by surprise y'know. Hopefully they won't see it coming. You game?
- Yurik
Right behind you.
- Marked One


  • This is a two part mission that is spawned when Yurik messages the player for help as his PDA range is entered.
  • Eliminating the Bandits concludes the mission.


  • Yurik wants the player to follow his lead and flank the Bandits by travalling through the Hangar tunnels prior to a surprise rear assault.
  • As the egress point is approached, Seriy messages the order to:
- Seriy
  • Following the successful elimination of the Bandit threat, the player is able to Meet with Seriy.
  • Dialogue exchanges will differ if the player rushes in and scratches the enemy contingent before receiving the order.