Get file about experiments is a storyline task appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • The objective item is a text file on a PC in Dark Lab.
  • Returning with the file to Veles concludes the mission.
  • The mission does not spawn if the player decides that Joining Duty is more important.


  • In the conventional storyline sequence taking Borov's Documents as part of Find the bandits' documents alienates the Bandits and Monolithians on the level, at which point Veles contacts the player and provides the code to enter Lab X-18 (5271)
  • It is quite possible to enter the Darklab if the code is known in advance while on truce terms with the Monolith. This ploy obviates the necessity of fighting through twenty-six well armed opponents.
  • The player will need to bring and fit their own Xray PDA Downloads module if this option is pursued.
  • In this scenario the relevant data is acquired at the same time that the various document sets are being retrieved from the lab.