Get information about Strelok from Mole is a main plot storyline mission that is assigned in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod, in the Agroprom Institute

I am looking for information about Strelok. Maybe you know something?
- Marked One
OK, go down this spiral staircase, past a few columns, and you will walk into a machine room. Keep an eye out for a safehouse in one of the rooms nearby, that's where I found that encrypted book with information though was unable to figure it out and the location is vague to me now. Good luck!
- Mole

Overview Edit


  • Several of his group may have been wounded in the preceding firefight and, if provided with humanitarian assistance now, be very likely to remain in the area while the player explores the Agroprom Underground in search of Strelok's Hideout.
  • If Mole was scratched in the battle he may be in "combat alert" mode and unresponsive to questioning.
  • The information he provides to the player is more extensive than most outcomes but is hidden away on the player's PDA.