The Get the bandit's password task is a storyline mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

I wanted to ask...

How can I get the password from the bandits?

- Marked One
Find a gullible one, do some supply-and-demand, and there you go.
- Oleg Gusarov


  • This mission spawns and runs in parallel with the Find and wear a bandit suit after the Meet Petrenko's contact concludes (i.e. meeting with Gusarov)
  • The mission spawns a dynamic map spot centered on a very drunken bandit staggering back and forth inside the Bandit Base.
  • Obtaining the password from this reprobate satisfies the conditions to conclude this mission.


  • The drunkard will stop to be questioned upon approach but will not be forthcoming with the password if the player arrives without a supply of vodka.
  • The threat of violence (drawing a weapon) will also be unproductive, but could alienate all Bandits and Monolithians on the level even if the drunk is face-knifed.
  • The strongroom inside the base contains far more Cossacks vodka (and variants) than will be needed.
  • Bring two bottles.


  • There are provisions in the text files to obtain the password as a "note to self" much in similar to obtaining Borov's safe combination as an 'overheard note'. This may be a provision to avoid crashes if the player decides to execute the drunken bandit:
Note to my drunken self, this weeks password is "pizdec".