Get the scientists package is a storyline task that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • The whole mission is subdivided into three tasks and the second task is further subdivided into three tasks interspersed with a cutscene.
  • The mission is potentially open to subversion and exploitation as noted in the Main Mission Strategy and Dushman articles.

Go to Dead CityEdit

  • Self explanatory.
  • The player may safely ignore the veiled threat from the Mercs to "approach slowly" and explore the area is desired.

Find the packageEdit

Meet the GuardEdit

  • The NPC is located in the reception cubicle.

Rank increase: +4
Relation increase: Ecologists +50

Meet the InformerEdit

  • This character is wearing an Exoskeleton upstairs from the Guard.
  • Entering into dialogue is curtailed when the NPC knocks the player's actor out and reawakens in the interactive "Jailbreak cutscene".

Rank increase: +4
Relation increase: Ecologists +50

Find your equipmentEdit

  • After being 'rescued' by the Military, the player is tasked with providing cover while Doc makes his escape.
  • The sub-task to locate your missing equipment (which was removed when you were thumped) is also activated and this will resolve when the safe illustrated above is located in the cellars.

Rank increase: +2

Return the package to the scientistEdit

  • Self explanatory.
  • There are notable looting opportunities available before leaving, as noted on the Dead City page.


  • Completing the mission, with the attendant subset of tasks adds +300 relation points in total as far as the Ecologists are concerned.