Ghost Zombie
Ghost zombie
General Characteristics



Very high

  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Melée attack
  • Reanimation,
    multiple times
Body parts

Hand of a zombie




The Ghost Zombie is considered to be a human mutant which appears in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


The only difference these particular zombies have from regular civilian zombies is that the Brain Scorcher not only destroyed the minds of these individuals, but also completely scrambled the molecular structure of their bodies. As a result, these zombies are practically dead, yet they take a lot more punishment before their bodies cannot survive any longer.



  • The body parts are used as a reaction component in the synthesis of some artifacts.


  • These should never be confused with the Zombified Stalkers.
  • These do not carry any form of armour other than tattered clothing which is harder to discern than the Zombie examples.
  • Ghost Zombies are unarmed and slow-moving.
  • They can be confused into a more rapid 'search mode' where they trot around with an extended arm and circle around looking for the enemy within its territory.
  • They are very weak versus Anomalies (except Radiation) and luring them through such areas may prove to be the player's most efficient option.
  • If useful anomalies are unavailable in the vicinity, they will not stray very far from their specified areas, although if the player hopes to shoot them from such a vantage they will present a more mobile target as a result of their entering 'search mode'.
  • Ghost Zombies take an enormous quantity of small arms fire before falling to the ground.
  • Even then, they have the ability to 'reanimate' and get up for a second and even a third bout.
  • Shotguns serve well, and a Chaser 13 with an expanded shell capacity is ideal if used with buckshot.
  • Avoid close combat with groups at all costs.
  • Due to their slow moving nature and tendency to cluster when following you around, you can save ammunition by using grenades on them.
  • Another option is to use firepower until the target falls, then move in with the Knife for a few throat slashes. Obviously, this works better if the target has no immediate support (i.e. not in a group)


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