Go deeper into the mines is a main plot (storyline) task appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

It isn't safe in the open, find a route through the mines.
- Oleg Gusarov, Find the entrance to the mines


  • Go deeper into the mines spawns shortly after the player arrives at the entrance to the Mines and plays out in a variety of resolutions or storyline forks.

Normal resolutionEdit

  • The player proceeds as instructed, is bopped over the head as indicated in the image above, with the mission concluding at that point.
  • The player then talks to Veles, performs a series of tasks for Sin that end when the player leaves the mines.
  • This is the 'normal' storyline progression.

Joining Duty resolutionEdit

  • If the player took exception to the Sin faction and exterminated their contingent at the Sin House, then the option of Joining Duty arises.
  • In this fork, Petrenko warns the player against further ingress into the Mines (fatal to the player's actor)
  • Provisionally the mission ends and Petrenko sends the player to "Reach X-18 lab" in a secondary fork.
  • If this option is pursued to a conclusion then Go deeper into the mines fails irreversibly.

Joining Duty resolution (variation)Edit

  • As part of the previous fork, the player ignores joining a paramilitary outfit, pays Barkeep 10,000 Ru to patch things up, and then returns to the Mines to conclude the (previously concluded) mission - see Gallery.
  • This has the effect of rendering the Sin faction 'friendly' to the player for the remainder of the game.
  • Returns the player to the 'normal resolution' storyline.

Go it aloneEdit