Got a job for you, Marked One...
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Goods at Garbage is a stash featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

This outskirts garbage is full of radioactive stuff, let's ide more valuable stuff here and return to freedom camp.
- PDA description



  • The area is quite radioactive so a good suit is needed.
  • Worth combining it with a 'night visit' for all of the Electro artifacts.
  • The area is patrolled by a pair of Pyrogeists. These are easily encouraged to flee from pistol fire into the trigger zones of the several Electro anomalies.
  • There is a pack of Blind Dogs to the east of the rubbish pile.
  • A first visit to this spawning ground (at night) often yields a dozen Electro rocks, mostly of the Flash and Sparkler variety. Further south towards the Boar pack, in a small depression away from the pile, a Moonlight may often be found.