Greben's favourite guitar
- PDA description


  • A quest item with peculiar behaviour.
  • It forms part of an optional mission given by Greben only if the player is a member of Duty or being groomed by Voronin as a precursor for membership.
  • The other part of the mission's requirements, Case with drugs, also shows peculiar behaviour.


  • Prior to ver 1.3002 the guitar spawned to the south-west of the larger Bandit Camp in Yantar.
  • The location of this spawn point has since been moved further north by the developers to a more anomalous location (still within the village)
  • The difficulty in finding the guitar arises from the erroneous spawning of it.
  • The player may find it necessary to leave and re-enter the Yantar level for both items to become visible.
  • The anomalous behaviour of the quest items may be mitigated entirely if the Case with drugs and the associated camp is dealt with first and the secondary target camp assaulted afterwards.