The Guardian of Freedom suit is a combat suit featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Reinforced stalker suit produced by the gunsmiths of the Freedom faction. It is made up of a medium military bulletproof vest plated with reinforcing zirconium elements which provide good protection from rifle bullets and splinters from medium and long range. The material of the suit consists of two layers: specially treated leather and fabric with asbestos yarn. The suit provides good protection from radiation and various weak anomalies.
- Inventory description


  • Of all of the mid-level armours, this has the highest overall protection.
  • The suit is obtained without Night vision but may be retrofitted with a first generation upgrade for a base price of 1430 Ru.

Upgrades Edit

A0 Section - 1st Generation PNV

A night vision device which allows you to operate at night or in low light conditions. (1430 Ru)

A1 Section - Insulating protective suit with magnesium inserts

An alloy of nickel and magnesium was used for this flak jacket, to protect the wearer from electric shock. (2600 Ru)

Parameters: LA Protect Icon Electra +7%

A2 Section - Aluminium / titanium plates

Aluminium / titanium plates have a lower weight while maintain the same defensive properties. (2600 Ru)

Parameters: LA Protect Icon Bullet +6%


  • Provided free by Lukash as part of the reward for completing his retrieval mission.