The HPSS-1M is a pistol that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

This pistol deserves to be considered as one of the best pistols of the 20th century. It is reliable, powerful and has a good grouping of shots. The magazine can hold 13 rounds.
- Inventory description

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Upgrades (v1.3003)Edit

Level 1 upgrades. Edit

Slow slide rollback system:

  • Price: 288 RU
  • The new system reduces recoil, slowing down the rollback and return.
    • Recoil: -18%

Expanded magazine:

  • Price: 300 RU
  • Increased capacity of the internal magazine.
    • Magazine: +4

Level 2 upgrades. Edit

Integrated barrel recoil compensator:

  • Price: 336 RU
  • Additional compensation holes made in the barrel can markedly reduce recoil
    • Recoil: +46%

Double action trigger:

  • Price: 336 RU
  • The trigger is automatically cocking the weapon, increasing accuracy.
    • Accuracy: +3%

Longer barrel:

  • Price: 420 RU
  • By replacing the standard barrel with a longer one, growing flat trajectory bullets.
    •  ?

Mobile slide segment:

  • Price: 420 RU
  • A new slide segment provides increased rate of fire, without overloading other parts of the weapon.
    • Rate of fire: -0%

Level 3 upgrades. Edit

Padded grip:

  • Price: 432 RU
  • A padded grip makes the recoil less tangible.
    • Recoil: +66%

Dual mode of fire:

  • Price: 432 RU
  • Next step to maximize ergonomic and easy to use weapons: rapid change mode trigger group.
    • Handling: +2%
    • Weight: -0.38kg

Barrel tilt system:

  • Price: 504 RU
  • A new locking system with a more complete transfers of the energy of powder gases enhances the muzzle velocity of the bullet trajectory.
    •  ?

Ergonomic grip:

  • Price: 480 RU
  • A more comfortable grip simplifies handling of weapons.
    •  ?

Barrel with polygonal rifling:

  • Price: 576 RU
  • Polygonal rifling of the barrel is best suited for sniper rifles, as it improve muzzle velocity.
    •  ?

Polymer frame:

  • Price: 528 RU
  • Changing the basic framework for a lighter one, but no less firm.
    • Handling: -8%
    • Weight: -0.43kg

Sinusoidal rifling:

  • Price: 504 RU
  • Sinusoidal rifling can improve its cooling and increase the rate without losing the muzzle velocity tractors flying bullets.
    • Rate of fire: +1%

Conversion to the 9x18 mm:

  • Pride 660 RU
  • The calibre of the weapon can be changed by modifying its internal mechanics.
    • Converts weapon to use 9x18mm ammunition.

Notes Edit

  • Weapons does not need to be upgraded in order to attach a Silencer.

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