• The player's interface to the player's actor is the 'Heads-up display' or HUD. It is selected in-game with the I hotkey.


There are five principal areas of interest in the HUD. From the top and moving anti-clockwise these are the:


  • Unlike the belt in the finally released Base Game with five 'Artifact slots', the Lost Alpha belt has eighteen slots for the player to populate with items from the backpack inventory.
  • One drawback of this configuration is that anything that the player needs to use during a firefight must be on the belt (detectors, ammo, artifacts, etc.)
  • Ammo in the backpack needs to be moved to the belt before it can be used.
  • Some ammo types occupy more than one "belt slot".
  • Exceptions to this would be Medkits and Bandages which have user definable hotkeys.

Weapons AreaEdit

  • This is where weapons are changed between those in the backpack inventory and those currently in use.
  • The player will of course be selecting between these items (if slotted) by the relevant hotkeys during play. Bolts and binoculars do not show here as they may not be dropped under normal circumstances.

Player statisticsEdit

  • Below the Weapons Area, showing how the player is dressed in the center, with six bargraphs for vital status information concerning:
  1. Bleeding
  2. Armour condition
  3. Stamina
  4. Radiation dose
  5. Hunger
  6. Thirst
  • Two other indicators are provided for Zone time and the notional cash value of the player.

Backpack InventoryEdit

  • Anything that the player is carrying other than those mounted in the other areas will be in here.
  • Not all items may necessarily be 'mountable' - food and drink items for example.
  • Right clicking these items brings up a dialogue box for further options.
  • Below here the total carried weight will also appear and includes all items from the various sections of the HUD.

Inventory DescriptionEdit

  • Above the Backpack Inventory area is a three-part area that gives information on any selected item that the player clicks on in the HUD along with its inventory icon.
  • The section next to the icon further splits to provide useful information regarding the item's name, weight, value and condition.