Help Duty is the first task that is assigned in the storyline Duty fork in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

Hey, stalker, you're just in time. If you are keen, we are about to assault the mono bastards and could use a good strong lad like yourself. What do you say are you in or out?
- mission debriefing


  • A short, easily completed continuity task that is automatically spawned under certain circumstances.
  • Talking to the commanding officer of the local Duty group concludes the mission.


  • This Help Duty mission should not be confused with the subsequent Help duty mission.
  • The mission is only available if the player joined Duty earlier in the game.
  • It is unavailable before the Brain Scorcher is disabled (exploiting the Badlands to arrive from Radar will neither enable the mission nor the mission fork)
  • Meeting the officer to conclude the task is not obligatory.


  • If the player ignores the mission completely the taskforce repeatedly 'begin' their assault each time the player enters the area. No combat is entered into and they presumably regroup between visits.