Help duty is the second task that is assigned in the storyline Duty fork in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

Good. Remember, place it as near as you can and get the hell outta there! We`ll fight through the first resistance, then hang back until the choppers have done their thing.
- mission briefing


  • A straightforward three-part mission of the "camp elimination" type centered south of the administrative complex of the NPP.
  • If the player declines the suicide mission it will not be offered again.
  • The mission will involve placing the given Tranceiver close to the rear of the objective BTR.
  • Talking to the commanding officer of the local Duty group concludes the mission.
  • The conclusion dialogue occasionally fails to be delivered by the CO once he has 'settled from combat'. Making a save/reload usually solves this problem and results in the spawning of the next main mission task.


  • This Help duty mission should not be confused with the previous Help Duty mission.
  • The local Duty taskforce will provide some assistance.
  • The target BTR is backed up by a twenty-strong Monolith platoon guarding it .
Of these forces (as noted in the NPP article):
  • There are six to eight snipers with SVDm-2 or Gauss Rifles and closer in some RPG-7u rocket men. The rest are typical NPP guards with Monolith suits and SGI 5ks or Exoskeletons and GP 37 weaponry, with the BTR backing them up if the player allows it a clear line of sight.
  • Fortunately several containers allow for cover.
  • There is also a pack of Blind Dogs in the area close to the BTR. These have the annoying ability of 'pushing' the player into the BTR's kill zone.
  • With the Transceiver in place, airborne cavalry are called in to home in on it, destroy the BTR and assist in mopping up any remaining Monolith.
  • The taskforce survivors will attempt to move west to occupy the general area that comprised the entrance to the Sarcophagus in the Base Game.


  • The mission is failed if the group leader is killed in action.