Help the Duty checkpoint

Guards stand ready at the Duty Checkpoint

Given by
  • Picked up
  • Relation increase:
    Duty +20
Time limit
  • Indefinite
    Or till boars are killed

Help the Duty checkpoint is a storyline task featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Hello, the Duty faction is speaking from the Garbage. There's a wave of mutants going from the Dark Valley towards the bar. We guarantee our gratitude to all who will help kill off the scum. On the word of the Duty.
- Detailed task information

Overview Edit

  • This side mission is automatically given to the player once they reach the very top of Garbage.
  1. Kill the boars
  2. Talk to the Duty commander.

Kill the boars Edit

  • The player will need to eliminate 6 Boars that spawn just down the road from the Duty Checkpoint (just behind the fallen tree next to the road).

Talk to the Duty commander Edit

Notes Edit

  • Due to the fact there is no tangible reward, it is more advisable to simply let the guards to take of the mess themselves.
  • The lookout tower located behind the building is a good place to run up to while the boars assault the checkpoint (if you want a good shooting point)
  • On the other hand, if the player kills two or more of the mutants, not only will the +20 relation points be gained, but this company of Dutyers will probably become friendly towards the player in advance of the whole faction becoming so inclined later on.
  • Although the reward is +20 factional points, the process seems to be buggy. Successful completion may result in more or fewer points being accrued.
  • Just avoid grazing any troopers in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • The quote differs from what the player 'hears' when approaching the area.

Gallery Edit

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