Help the group of stalkers is an optional storyline side-mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • This mission is offered when the player enters the Bus Stop trigger area for the first time.
  • A small group of rookie Loners are trying to get to the Bar and are reluctant to take on a pack of five pseudodogs that have made a nest to the left of the crane further up the road.


  • On a first visit to this location, the player will very likely be heavily laden with loot from previous encounters and exploits.
  • There is a backpack in the Bus Stop which may be used for temporary storage purposes.


  • The dogs hide in the bushes by the crane and behind and around the junk on the opposite side of the road.
  • The dogs also have a wide patrol range, at least as far as the Forest turn and attack in small packs.
  • At least two will be grey pseudodogs.
  • Because of their speed and stealth, the use of grenades is of limited use, and may inflict more damage on the player than the mutants in this area.
  • Since ammunition is still not that plentiful at this stage, spooking the dogs so that they attack, retreating out of their gulag patrol zone to prevent contact may work, but the dogs are swift and circle rapidly within their area of control providing the player with difficult moving targets.
  • The derelict van may be used as a useful vantage point, and is easy to jump/climb onto.
  • A handgun with an extended magazine is preferable and will use up some of low grade ammo that has been accumulated.
  • From this elevation, the dogs will attack in direct charges making dispatch more effective, but they are quite able to jump-attack if allowed the chance.
  • If the player is knocked from the van roof during such an attack, the limit of their gulag is nearby for a regrouping operation.
  • Attempting the mission at night is not recommended.


  • Although the mission confers only a +10 relation increase with the Loners, this may often result in the stance resulting in "friendly" relations towards that faction along with the commensurate benefits that this provides during trading and modification / repairs.
  • The Pseudodog tail is useful loot, although the probability of the five victims having salvageable body-parts is determined when the game begins.


  • Even when exterminated, the player will discover that the area will be re-spawned with a Pseudodog pair every day or so.