Got a job for you, Marked One...
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Infiltrate freedom bar is a storyline mission appearing in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha mod and will only be given if the player has joined Duty.

Listen my friend, for now we have a quite complicated task for you... As you know, we are in a state of war with Freedom. Their ideals are a threat to our mission, and they are a very resourceful foe. That's why I want to keep an eye on them. I need you to take this bug and place it on the window sill as you enter the bar on the left. Any information that we can get from this will help us get rid of these buffoons. I will send a password to your PDA. You will need to pass their guard. The Swamp is blocked by Military for now, so I asked a guide to escort you and bypass the usual paths to go there. He is waiting for you. Oh, and I suggest you don't wear your uniform, they won't appreciate it. While you are there, snoop around the bar and see if you can get any other intelligence or items that may be useful.
- Voronin


  • This is a five part mission which affords the player the opportunity to explore the Outskirts level ahead of time.
  • Despite what the mission brief asserts, the stages are quite simple and the only likely confrontations are with the various mutant populations.


Meet the Duty GuideEdit

  • Simply travel back round to the Arena entrance and the Duty Guide will be standing by the derelict wrecked jeep. He will transport the player to Outskirts close to the Swamps gate.

Set a bug in barEdit

  • Just travel over to the Freedom HQ, talk to the guard at the bar to give the password, then walk into the bar and place the Out bug on the window sill.

Get intelligence informationEdit

  • Slightly more involved.
  • The Chef is acting as "barman". Periodically, he walks to the back of the bar interior to have a swig from a bottle.
  • Take the Freedom flash off the bar counter while the Chef is absent. (A shootout results if you are "seen")
  • Leave the bar. It will be necessary to misdirect the guard in the process. (A shootout results if you choose other possibilities)

Rendezvous with the guide.Edit

  • Proceed back to the Duty Guide who will then transport the player back to his "twin" in the Rostok location.

Return to VoroninEdit

  • Self explanatory. Voronin removes the Freedom flash from the player's inventory and sends the player to Ivancov to claim the other reward after debriefing.


  • As mentioned previously, the Outskirts may be explored comprehensively and could provide the player with several useful loot items (Night Stars, Snowflakes, various useful Armours or even the chance to explore the local garbage heap for Electro spawned artifacts)
  • It is not strictly necessary to use the Duty Guide in order to return. Consult the Duty Guide article for more detail.


  • Before the Freedom flash is taken, the player may deal with Skinflint or take a mission from Lukash. Once the flash is "liberated" the locals change from "hostile-neutral" to "hostile" when the guard misdirection ploy is discovered making further diplomacy problematic (i.e. collecting the Anomaly Generator for Lukash later on will probably result in a 2kg undroppable "dead-weight" in the player's inventory.