Kill a pack of dogs is an optional, repeatable side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Kill mutants for Sidorovich to get a reward.
- Sidorovich, Mission description


One of the first Side Missions you can pick up in the game.
Consists of one sub-task
  • Come back for the reward


  • There can be both Blind Dog and Pseudodog enemies to eliminate. Usually four Blind Dogs and a pair of Pseudodogs.
  • Since walking into a mixed pack of dogs early in the game might be suboptimal, the player will notice that a pair of Pseudodogs cross the road in north Cordon on their way to the pack location every time that the player travels from Garbage to Rookie Village.
  • Either or both of these may be provoked into chasing the player, who then has the option of luring the target mutant either up to the Checkpoint for the Military to kill it, or through the Sin House where the occupants will obligingly exterminate it. The latter option has the added possible benefit of eliminating a Sin member, usually through 'blue on blue' crossfire while the player 'hides' on top of the cupboard inside the entrance.
  • Looting prospects are unaffected by such subterfuge and the mission will still spawn later on provided that at least one dog is present at the target location.
  • The mission is also repeatable.