Kill the zombies (Agroprom) is an optional side mission and repeatable featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Overview Edit

This repeatable quest is first obtainable after completing the document retrieval mission to Dark Valley for BarKeep.

  • A basic Camp Elimination side mission:
  1. Talk to Barkeep or Mole depending upon game version.
  2. Kill the Zombies.
  3. Come back for the reward.

Talk to Barkeep (Mole) Edit

Kill the zombies Edit

Come back for the reward: Edit

Return to Barkeep to receive:


Or (Mole to receive:


Notes Edit

  • There are about half a dozen Zombies a couple of which will be Ghost Zombies in this area. Make sure to have lots your gear squared away before taking them on. If possible, once you've knocked them down, a shotgun blast to the head, usually keeps them from getting up again.
  • The Zombies clump together quite a bit, so a well placed Grenades can help the situation.
  • It's possible to taunt the Zombies to follow you from the inner corridor back into the corridor where Streloks gear was found. By staying just out of their range, they will lose interest an return to the room between the two corridors. Tossing in several F1 Grenades or RGD-5 Grenades into the room will eliminate a good number of them.

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