Hunting Knife
Thm 24346
General Characteristics

Melee Weapon


0 kg (see notes)

Base cost

370 RU

Base accuracy


Base handling



xx (xxxx DPS)

Rate of fire

1000 RPM


Background Edit

Hunting knife.

Overview Edit

Notes Edit

  • The Knife that attaches as part of the player's basic equipment weighs 0.05 kg.
  • Visitors to the Arena have all of their inventory removed prior to competing and receive replacement armament.
  • Knives received in this manner may weigh 0.05 kg or 0.00 kg.


  • When receiving Knives in the Arena the player receives one for the weapon slot and a "spare" unattached 0.00 kg one.
  • All variations are nominally interchangeable and stackable.
  • Either may be resold to Arnie for the full 370 Ru.

Gallery Edit

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