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The LA: Tools Kit may be considered as a 'cheat' in that a player may gain information preferentially without completing mission elements, visiting relevant areas; etc.

LATK Sub-Menu


  • This sub-menu system appears to be a Developer/Beta Tester tool kit. It was discovered by Skaraks through accidental keystroke and is posted here reluctantly. As this wiki is the repository of the best information available on this game, it is being included to further that commitment to our community.
  • The tool kit has many powerful features. None of them intended for normal game play and therefore is viewed as being a cheat.
  • Using this tool kit without previously working through the complexities and difficulties encountered in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the games challenges and reduce the pleasures it offers. As stated above, I stumbled upon this, I do not use it.
  • The LA: Tools Kit is can be accessed by the player at any time after beginning game play.

LATK Sub Menu


  • To access and use the sub-menu system: Begin game play and return to the main menu (Esc). Once there press F2 to open the LA Tools Kit menu.
  • With the exception of the Teleportation tool, selecting and using any of the sub-menu will only effect the current level (map area) being played.
  • Exiting the sub-menu system by pressing the 'Return to game' button, returns the player to the main menu and allows them to return to game play.

Sub-Menu ComponentsEdit

LA: Tools Kit is comprised of six (6) screens:

(NOTE: this is a work in progress. Additional information will be added on each of the menu elements.)

  • PosInfo - Displays Player, NPC's, anomalies and locations. example
    • Show Smarts - Displays the positions of NPC's, anomalies and locations. wo/detail & w/detail
    • Show Restrictors - Purpose and use unknown at this time
      • Warning: In most cases, if activated it will cause the game to crash.
    • Show Invbox - Displays locations of storage boxes the player can use for storage.
    • ClassId To Log - Purpose and use unknown at this time.
    • ToLog - Purpose and use unknown at this time.
  • FindObj - Searches for objects and displays the corresponding location(s) on the map.
    • Usage example and its corresponding display.
    • Warning: The game will crash if the search button is clicked without entering an object name.
  • SpawnObj - Allows objects to be created.
    • Used by entering an object name, quantity wanted and clicking the 'Spawn' button.
    • Objects created will be spawned on the ground near the player. Or if, 'ToActor' is selected, in the players inventory.
  • Infoportions - Purpose and use unknown at this time.
  • PpeControl - Purpose and use unknown at this time.
  • Teleports - Allows player, gear, the vehicle they may be in (as well as gear stored in the vehicle) to Teleport to a previously traveled area.
    • Contains a list all entry ports into each level of the zone.
    • Only previously visited areas may be accessed.
    • Usage: When the synchronization message stops being displayed, press ESC to complete and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the teleportation process.
    • A teleportation time period may be much longer than normally experienced if a large amount of gear is being carried.


  • As this is thought to be a tool created by the Developers for use in game testing, the stability of its functionality and operation can not be assured.

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