Laz-695 Red Autobus
General Characteristics


The Lviv Bus Factory, (L’vivs’ky Avtomobil’ny Zavod, literally "Lviv Automobile Factory"), mostly known under its obsolete name L’vivs’ky Avtobusnyi Zavod (literally "Lviv Bus Factory") is a bus manufacturing company in Lviv, Ukraine. Their brand-name is LAZ, and the company and its products are often referred to with this acronym rather than the full name. It was one of the major bus manufacturers in the Soviet Union and the largest-ever industrial company in the city. Now it is a private, closed joint stock company. Some of its most widely-known products include the 695 city bus and its stretched tourist-oriented version, the 699. ElectroLAZ, the distinctive modern LAZ trolleybus can be seen circulating in several Ukrainian cities.

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