Got a job for you, Marked One...
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General Characteristics
Parent Anomaly



0.5 kg

Lost Alpha


LA Protect Icon Heal


LA Protect Icon RadsGreen


LA Protect Icon Bleed


Best Price

6000 Ru


The Liver is an artifact found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Relatively organic and smelly is what stalkers use to characterize this artifact. Those who get pass its less than subtle smell benefit from a boost to their vital signs and resistance.
- Inventory description


  • Only practically available to the player in the early game as loot from a dead NPCs.
  • As noted in the Artifact Spawns article, the Whirligig near the Bar entrance may spawn this and other artifacts. Similar anomalies may also convert mutants elsewhere.


  • Not very useful in v1.4002 due to unbalanced negative properties.


  • Game files indicate that the artifact has a combination recipe but this is, as yet, unavailable to the player.


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