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Loner Camps are minor locations on various maps where Loners (obviously) set up their various camps (again, obviously). They can sometimes be around campfires, or in derelict buildings, or both.


Loners are stalkers so named as they are by themself or in small groups, ranging from 2-10 people. Often they stop on locations slightly off of the beaten path where they make small camps for themself to rest, play music, drink, or sleep, and some combination of all these features. In S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha, these camps may contain minor/major unique NPCs, who offer main missions or side missions for the player. These however are considered as camps because they are smaller than HQs which have (typically) 15+ people in them.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Under-Road Tunnel (Cordon): This is where player will meet Petruha to take down bandits at the factory on the hill. This tunnel is special however as it not only is where Petruha is met, it also contains bunker where Wolf's Key is located after the player takes Wolf's mission to find it.
  • Between The Trash Piles (Garbage): Another main story-related, this is where the player talks to Bes about troublesome sniper up on top of the bridge.
  • Hangar (Garbage): Hangar is another plot location, where the player and Yurik flank bandits so other loners can kill them. After fight is over, the loners settle around a small campfire in rear tunnel.
  • Railroad Tunnel (Agroprom Institute): After the player returns from underground looking for Strelok's flash, they can go to empty railroad tunnel near to the Garbage level-changer and find Mole here as well as surviving loners from the military raid on the factory (assuming that player was able to save any of them).
  • Wagon In Atomic Swamp (Agroprom Institute): As part of the plot, player will meet Ratcatcher here. Ratcatcher is sole inhabitant of the wagon.
  • Bus Stop (Great Metal Factory): Interestingly, on road to the factory where Duty faction has its main HQ at the beginning of the game, some lone stalkers set up small camp in a bus stop by themself. This is a convenient place to rest before traversing ground to the 100 Rads Bar if at nighttime, so that the player won't be killed by a pack of dogs.
  • Pig Farm (Dark Valley): The player meets Oleg Gusarov at pig farm as part of the plot. Interestingly, even though Gusarov's PDA bio says he is always alone, there are a couple other loners at the farm with him.
  • Stalker Farmstead (Army Warehouses): A few loners live in this small cluster of buildings, as well as a single Duty member and a trader named Ugrymiy. Occasionally this place is attacked by bandits.
  • Polissya Hotel (Pripyat): This is where player finally meets up with Ghost. Ghost lives in Room 26.
  • Hamlet (Swamps): A small hamlet with loners. Nearby to another small hamlet with bandits.
  • Doc's House (Swamps): Eventually, as part of the plot, player will come here to speak with Doc and gain repair items as part of a task assigned by Sakharov. Eventually Doc also helps the player's actor's amnesia and assigns task to meet with Ghost, as well as repair the PDA.
  • Village (Yantar): A few loners live in a village south from level-changer for Great Metal Factory. Location of Father Diodor (a technician), and with no blowout shelter.
  • Derelict Building (Construction Site): This is location of Alex, who's help is needed to gain entry to the Mercenaries Bar up the road. Also home to Geoff Henderson an information seller and a few other random NPCs.

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