Maddog Crystal is a quest item that isfeatured in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

"Mad Dog's Artifact"

This wonderful artifact is formed by the anomaly Trampoline. The use of the artifact demands the neutralization of deadly radiation. Expensive and rare, this artifact is extremely interesting for scientific expeditions and other research activity in the Zone.

- Inventory description


  • A completely ordinary looking Crystal artifact that may not be used or sold by the player.
  • The item is the target of a sequence of events taking place in the Military Warehouses area.
  • The player must return the item to Sakharov for the putative goal of getting the player's PDA repaired.


  • Terminating MadDog triggers the arrival of the Military in the vicinity who are hostile to the player at this juncture.
  • If the player initially evades MadDog and manages to not reload the game while looting the rest of the base, there is plenty of time to relocate all of the SVUmk2s and SVDm-2s from the dead snipers (who are permanent placements), any loot from the various mercs killed in the Blowout (who will evaporate upon reload), and shed some mass before taking on the Maddog (who also carries considerable loot)
  • A nearby vehicle might be useful too.


  • The Maddog Crystal is not useable by the player.