The Martha is a Pistol that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Adopted by the American army and police, as well as many military and police units all over the world. It is also very popular among the criminals for its high-powered round and its high-capacity magazine.
- Inventory description

Background Edit

  • An uncommon pistol in the zone.
  • Good accuracy, but it's condition tends to ware out to fast (and jams frequently).

Overview Edit

Upgrades Edit

Top Skill Trees. Edit

Locking liner:

  • Price: 360 RU
  • A steel liner with spiral grooves helps reduce recoil.
    • Recoil: -16%

Soft descent:

  • Price: 600 RU
  • One of the simplest and most common modifications of the trigger that reduce its inertia.
    • Accuracy: +12%

Padded grip:

  • Price: 600 RU
  • A padded grip makes the recoil less tangible.
    • Recoil: +42%

Additional channels cut in the gun:

  • Price: 960 RU
  • Gun with additional rifling can increase velocity and battlefield accuracy.
    • Accuracy: +2%

Grip with a straightened rear:

  • Price: 780 RU
  • A more ergonomically shaped grip with a modified rear.
    • Handling: +1%

Large head axis trigger:

  • Price: 600 RU
  • Modification, aimed at preventing weapons from the breakdown of the slide
    •  ?

Full auto mode:

  • Price: 1200 RU
  • When reassembled and retuned, the weapon can fire full auto.
    • Rate of fire: +0%
    • Recoil: +116%

Bottom Skill Trees Edit

Mobile slide segment:

  • Price: 360 RU
  • A new slide segment provides increased rate of fire, without overloading other parts of the weapon.
    • Rate of fire: -0%

Short barrel:

  • Price: 480RU
  • A shorter barrel with a more sophisticated design allows to increase rate of fire without losing accuracy.
    • Rate of fire: +0%

Amplified, fully closing slide:

  • Price: 600 RU
  • A bigger internal slide protects the bolt of the gun from breakages.
    •  ?

Sinusoidal rifling:

  • Price: 720 RU
  • Sinusoidal rifling can improve its cooling and increase the rate without losing the muzzle velocity tractors flying bullets.
    • Rate of fire: +2%

Chromed insides:

  • Price: 720 RU
  • Chromium helps improve durability of the barrel of the weapon.
    • Weapon durability degrades slower.

External barrel threads:

  • Price: 1020 RU
  • External threads permit the installation of a silencer
    • Unlocks the use of the Silencer attachment.

Conversion to 9x18 mm:

  • Price: 1020 RU
  • The calibre of the weapon can be changed by modifying its internal mechanics.

Notes Edit

  • Weapon must be upgraded first before a silencer can be attached.

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