Meet Ecologist contact

The Military would like the player to meet up
with this man.

Quest type


Given by

Lt Vasilev


Ecologist contact


Help the Ecologists
take measurements


Rank increase: +2
Reputation increase: +2

Time limit



Well, actually, there is something you could help with. The scientists need an escort. They want to take some readings and will be in constant danger from Monolith and mutant attacks. I would gladly help, but I cannot spare any men at this time what with the constant Monolith presence.
- Lt Vasilev, Mission briefing

Meet Ecologist contact is a storyline task that is assigned in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


  • This is another straightforward continuity mission task.
  • Meeting the contact will end the mission and spawn its successor shortly afterwards.


  • The distance to travel is not great but there will be several well armed Monolithians to be dealt with.
  • At least one sniper occupies an apartment block on the main boulevard and has an excellent view of the player.
  • A small company are centered around an open air campfire about midway to the objective.
  • All are known to use grenades.
  • Removing them from the board will make the conclusion of the next mission task less prone to failure.


  • The sniper(s) pack Sniper rifle SVDm-2 hardware, shoot through walls, and frequently drop their pieces on the outside of the apartment block.
  • The Stash of the artifact hunters in a nearby garage might be a useful place to store valuables.
  • Leaving a Sniper rifle SVDm-2 in the open runs the risk of having it "collected" by the Ecologists' field agent as he meanders back to his base after the next mission.


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