The Meet Ghost in the hotel task is a storyline mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Meet Ghost in the hotel
- Detailed task information


  • This is a very straightforward continuity mission to meet the objective at the Pripyat Hotel.
  • The vast majority of the local Monolith opposition has been eliminated by the player and or the Military during the previous Help the Ecologists take measurements task and the earlier Assist the military firefight.
  • While there are still Monolith forces in the area and the occasional distraction from a few Mutants, they are easily avoided / eliminated.


  • Simply retracing the path to where the action was in Assist the military is half of the journey.
  • Turning right at the plaza is usually the preferred route, with the aim being to cross over to the hotel proper.
  • Unlike the base game, entry is not through the front door or window remains; but via a ramp and outside walkway around the side and rear to enter a stairwell.
  • The stairwell is blocked somewhat.
  • A window leads to a flat roof with a few packing cases upon it and another window leading to the section of hotel corridor where "Room 26" is located.
  • (Note that the player will need to push a packing case under a window if eventual egress by the same route is a priority)
  • Ghost conveniently materializes onto the Pripyat map as the player approaches the rear of the hotel, but frequently "gets stuck" entering the door to the room (see gallery)
  • Reaching the door under normal circumstances updates the mission (see gallery)
  • Talking to Ghost concludes the mission, although several background datapoints may be gleaned by careful questioning.


  • There are some documents in the room but they are irrelevant to the plot (v 1.3003)
  • The nearby Springboard anomaly cluster outside the window prevents the player from accessing the room surreptitiously, as does the heavy boarding over the windows themselves.
  • Ghost may enter "attack mode" if spooked by the anomalies or stray fire from a wandering enemy (see gallery)