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Meet Monolith Informer is a storyline mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

I am willing to keep my leader occupied so you may get the journal. But, I need insurance. 1500 rubles should be enough.
- Informer, (Meet Monolith informer)
Pricey, but it's worth it to me.
- Marked One

Player's Previous ActionsEdit

Shortly beforehand, player must first talk to Oleg Gusarov and then gullible bandit. Gusarov will tell the player how to find a bandit jacket, which temporarily makes them a member of Bandit Faction. After speaking to the gullible bandit and obtaining password, the player can safely enter Monolith factory.

Meeting With InformerEdit

Once inside Monolith factory, the player must get to the position of the informer, which is marked on the map. Buildings are large and can be quite confusing in places, and Monolithians inside can't even tell you anything interesting, let alone how to traverse without getting lost. However, if player can systematically comb the buildings and remember which places they have already come from, looting is possible (batteries and other useful items are found in certain places).

Eventually, whether through careful planning or dumb luck, player will find the Monolith informer. Upon speaking with him, Marked One will ask "You're that guy, are you not?" The Monolithian will be confused until player explains the meaning, at which point the Monolithian will decide to help because he is a man of honour (and greed). For 1.500 RU (10.000 RU in Developer's Cut) he temporarily distracts his boss while player is tasked to Retrieve information about X18 and goes to the boss's office to retrieve the Document.


  • All of the Monolithians have a minimum of 5000 Ru.
  • Monolith informer is the only NPC with anything to say. All other NPC in the area, when asked, "Can you tell me something interesting?", will reply:
    • "Well I'm not really up to date with the latest news",
    • "Nothing. Trying to make it that's all",
    • Or if they have already been approached, "Don't know anything else."
    • When attempting to talk to some NPC's (Monolith Boss Wanja Saban and guards, Matwel Rodnjanski, Roma Sergei, Wasja Gorlewol and others) they may reply, "Hey!", but they are not asked the question.
  • Perhaps, it was not worth the trouble for DEZ to add more flavored dialogue to non-unique Monolith NPCs. Or perhaps he thought the process of working through a platoon sized group confusing enough and limited replies to the those shown above.