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The Mercenary suit is an armour featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Stalker suit from the Merc faction. Its design is based on the suit used by the special forces of the Western armies. Due to a special treatment of the fabric, the armor has a strengthened stability during the physical movement of its plates. Its protective properties are slightly better then those of the PSZ-7 military bulletproof suits.
- PDA description



Lost AlphaEdit

A0 Section

  • 1st Generation PNV - A night vision device which allows you to operate at night or in low light conditions. - 900RU

A1 Section

  • Rubberised fabric suit - Rubber provides basic protection from short-term radiation exposure. - shock_protection = 0.36 burn_protection = 0.36 - 1,300RU

A2 Section

  • Reinforced titanium-beryllium matrix - A beryllium matrix reinforced with titanium (instead of aluminium) is one of the most reliable protective systems worldwide. - fire_wound_protection = 0.26 - 1,600RU

Developer's CutEdit

List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 1 Compensating underarmour Special underarmour distributes bullet impact over the entire armour, reducing damage.
2400 RU

Impact -10%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005 only)

1C IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 2 Lightweight aluminium frame Steel frame is replaced with one made from lightweight aluminium.
3600 RU

Outfit weight -4 kg

1D IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 4 Additional frame reinforcement Even if the armour is severely damaged, the reinforced frame will stop pistol bullets.
3000 RU

Suit durability +15%

1E IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 3 Extra carbon fibre covering Carbon fibre is one of the most durable and wear resistant synthetic materials.
4500 RU

Bulletproof cap +30%

1F IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 5 Ceramic coating Ceramic coating can deflect a standard bullet, if it hits at an angle, or even completely stop it in case of a direct hit.
4500 RU

Impact -30%

2A IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 6 Protective polymer inserts A mix of polycarbonate, silicone and carbon fibre - in case the main armour cracks.
1200 RU

Suit durability +10%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005 only)

2C IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 7 Plexiglas anti-radiation lining Plexiglas absorbs only two types of radioactive particles, but it is much lighter than lead.
2600 RU +20%

2D IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 9 Sealed, flexible plastic lining Reliable protection from radioactive materials and electrical discharges.
2600 RU
  • Electric shock +20%
  • Chemical burn +20%
2E IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 8 Refractory suit with nickel inserts Nickel is a refracting metal that can be used to protect the body from fire.
4500 RU

Burn +30%

2F IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 10 Insulating protective suit with manganin inserts An alloy of nickel and magnesium was used for this flak jacket, to protect the wearer from electric shock.
1800 RU

Electric shock +30%

3A IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 11 "Athlete" integrated system An experimental sprint module, in low demand across the Zone only due to its cost.
850 RU

Power restore +2

3C IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 12 "Stingray" electrostatic grounding system A system with a built-in steel grill, that automatically adjusts its charge to that of the anomaly, reducing its threat to the wearer.
1200 RU

Electric shock +20%

3E IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 13 Load bearing mounting system This mounting system allows you to evenly distribute the load over the entire body.
2750 RU

Additional weight +10 kg

4A IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 15 "Ray" haemostimulator A short wave emitter - invention of the Clear Sky scientific group - increases blood clotting in open wounds.
2000 RU

Bleeding reduction +2

4C IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 16 "Sun" biostimulator A wave generator that noticeably increases wound regeneration and increases immunity levels and pain thresholds.
3000 RU

Health regeneration +3

4E IconArmourUpgrade Csky heavy outfit 17 "Gleam" neurostimulator While the principles of the psi-radiation remain unknown, this device helps reduce its ill effects. It's distinguishing feature is the calming effect it has on the nervous system.
2500 RU

Telepathy +30%


  • Can be bought from Crash.
  • One piece can be found in Great Metal Factory. It is in the cargo space of the lorry, on the way to the Military Warehouses, but it is REALLY difficult to get there, because of an anomaly right next to the entrance.
  • Another piece can be found at the far end of the Swamps. In the remote room of the big building right after the bridge.

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