Military fork

General route with sub-mission legs in the
Military campaign to retake the NPP.

Quest type

Camp Elimination

Given by

Lt Dudaev


Find the way into
(door code)


Rank increase:
+18 total
Reputation increase:
Relation increase:
Military +210 total

Time limit



The Military fork is a storyline mission fork that is available in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.


This storyline fork consists of nine distinct sub-missions punctuated with cutscene flyovers:
With the conclusion of the last mission giving the player the necessary door code that will enable the conclusion of:
Which will return the player to the main thread of the Storyline.

Gameplay OverviewEdit

As noted on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant page:
  • The player usually arrives from Pripyat through the western portal on foot having traversed the gloom of the Pripyat Underground and most likely picked up more damage skirmishing in Pripyat.
  • There are no facilities for repairs.
  • The player will be tasked with meeting the commander of the local Military detachment prior to being offered this Main mission fork to assist them with a multistage assault on the Monolith defenders of the station (who are present in considerable strength following their retreat from Radar)
  • The player may decline to assist but the option for this Main mission fork will then be determined.
  • Part of the sequence will also involve a scripted "Mutant Attack" after the initial Monolith contingent has been eliminated, with a minor Zombified Stalker attack as previously eliminated Monolithians are reanimated.
  • The player is then escorted and introduced to the Military leader in the area, Macarov; assists their elimination of the Monolith troops guarding the door by providing support from a BTR-70 Armored Personnel Carrier and is given the door code as a reward.
  • Broadly speaking, the Military fork has more of the "feel" of a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky mission sequence than a typical Shadow of Chernobyl mission set.


  • There are only three entries in the "task_manager.ltx" file that relate to the nine distinct missions that make up the Military fork.
  • One of these clearly relates to finding the (military) recon unit; but the other two are equal in their rewards (+8 rank, +100 Military relationship) and mention "help_military" and "help_dudaev".
  • The other, quite discrete missions, have no declared parameters within the task manager file.
  • Game script files are obscure regarding any mission rewards too.


  • As mentioned on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant page, there is no pressing necessity to take this mission fork. Other options are available to the player.


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