Got a job for you, Marked One...
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Milo in the Non-Stop Bar.
Lost Alpha
Rank Experienced
Reputation Unknown
Affiliation Trader
More info
Equipment SEVA suit
GP 37
Status Neutral

Milo is a minor character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

None available
- PDA contact biography


  • Completely unknown.


  • Stationed in the Non-Stop Bar at the Merc Base on Construction Site.
  • Minded by four Mercenaries drinking in the bar by daylight.
  • Sleeping it off in the back of the bar by night.
  • Access to the Merc Base is by password only if conflict is to be avoided.
  • The password may be divulged by Alex if the player agrees to Help the forgotten stalker trader find some items.
  • Milo will retreat to the rear of the bar and remain there for the rest of the Game if hostilities break out in the bar. No further trading will be possible with him.
  • Killing Milo crashes the Game.
  • Milo is also the trader who Lukash wants the player to recover a key from as part of the mission to Retrieve the machine for Lukash.
  • Milo provides the Find the Gauss rifle side mission.



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