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Mineral water is a beverage item found widely in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod.

Nothing much to say about it. It's imported clean water from the out lands. If you are not an alcoholic, then you will probably like it, even if its taste is stale. It won't reduce radiation, but will restore your stamina, health, and reduce hunger much more than any vodka.
- Inventory description


  • One of the many drink items available to the Lost Alpha player.
  • This is typical of the weight of drink items in general.
  • Cures thirst symptoms.


  • Liberally added as stash loot on practically all levels.
  • The player's actor needs to drink from time to time to avoid death; Mineral water provides one of the less exciting methods of avoiding this undesirable conclusion to the game.


  • The script for the item indicates that there are very minor alterations to the player's hunger and stamina parameters. Certainly too small to be noticed in-game.