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The Music Village is a minor location featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • This village (of the two settlements on Forest) is the one to the north of the map relatively close to the Duty guard point at the transition to Rostok.


  • There is no pressing need to visit this location unless tasked to do so by Professor Kruglov.
  • The area is well seeded with anomalies.
  • A small herd of Boar will also be present, but probably fall victim to the aforementioned anomalies.
  • There are three Bloodsuckers east of the village.


  • The village inhabitants, the Zombies, are 'asleep' if the player visits unofficially.
  • This will make them easier to dispatch with the Knife. See also Artifact Spawns for more productive use of the zombies.
  • There is loot in the village, mostly confined to one derelict store shed.
  • Behind the village lies a grassy pasture area that is inhabited by Bloodsuckers.
  • The "Piano House" is also the location of the Rucksack in the attic (Forest), however this is a Bugged stash as of v1.3003. There is also a TRs 301 hidden behind the piano.