04:10h on a clear morning near the Bar with no NV.


Same as above but with first generation NV.


Same as above but with second generation NV.

Night vision or NV is a suit accessory that appears in all S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.


  • The player starts the game with a Flashlight as part of their basic equipment and a standard Leather jacket which has no Night vision capability until it is upgraded.
  • Although the player starts out in daylight, this obviously changes as the game progresses. Weather conditions may also deteriorate and impair visibility.
  • Underground locations may be poorly lit.
  • A flashlight can mitigate these shortcomings, but Alkaline batteries are short in supply early in the game and have a lifespan of 3000 seconds (50 game minutes)
  • The use of the flashlight will also compromise the player's stealth against NPCs.
  • For these reasons alone, it becomes desirable to wear a suit that also has some form of Night vision.
  • With suits without Night vision night vision devices may be used.

Types of NVEdit

First generationEdit

  • As may be seen in the images, 1st Gen NV provides a better world view than no NV but the image is noisy and green which is less than restful on the eyes.
  • It is a lot better than nothing.

Second generationEdit

  • This shows up as a more restful and less noisy violet enhanced world view which is much superior to the 1st Gen NV.


  • Night vision operates on the principle of photomultiplier optical enhancement. Without ANY light there is nothing to enhance so their operation in exceptionally dark areas will be boosted by flashlight use.
  • Night vision accessories do not use any battery power nor add any mass to the player's suit weight.


Suits with NO NV as standardEdit

Suits with First generation NV as standardEdit

Suits with Second generation NV as standardEdit

Unique suits may not be upgraded, all other suits are upgradeable to at least first generation NV.

Suits upgradeable to Second generation NVEdit

Night vision devicesEdit

Night vision devices may be used with every suit without any NV capabilities.