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The Noiseless Viper is a unique weapon that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

A variation on a basic model. A non-replaceable muffler is added.
- Inventory description

Background Edit

  • A variant of the Viper 5 sub-machine gun with a non-replaceable muffler.

Overview Edit

Upgrades Edit

  • Weapon can be upgraded in the Developer's Cut version of the mod.

Notes Edit

  • Weapon cannot be repaired (v1.3003).
  • Not yet seen upon any in-game Characters.
  • Weapon is coded but only available from Traders later in the game.
  • Despite being unique and non-repairable, this variant of the Viper 5 has two notably improved fire parameters; the "conditional_shot_dec" is nearly an order of magnitude better than the base unit (0.00003 vs 0.0002) and to partially compensate for the silencer power loss, the accuracy is improved slightly ("fire_dispersion_base" = 0.15 vs 0.25 for the base unit) even as the bullet velocity is necessarily reduced (290m/S² vs 400m/S²)
  • Players may wish to compare this item with the Sniper TRs 301, which has a "fire_dispersion_base" factor of 0.09.

Trivia Edit

  • May not be usefully employed as a 'short gun' without hacks to the files controlling the player's actor/avatar.

Gallery Edit