Nomad's Belongings is a quest item featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.


  • Not a stash.
  • Coordinates to this placement quest item are given by Nomad.
  • The storyline task that involves this item set is also called Nomad's Belongings


  • As soon as the player 'agrees' to retrieve this quest item for Nomad, Captain addresses the player and co-opts him/her for the Meet the Patriarch multi-step sequence.
  • Conclusion of that task set precipitates a Blowout giving the player about three minutes to reach Nomad's little hut by a pretty circuitous route.
  • Running to that location will be necessary.
  • Best practice is to enter the hut closing the door afterwards, make a combat save to preserve the dead Monolithian bodies on the map, eat and drink whether the player's actor needs to or not; then black out for several hours during which time the Controller spawns inside the hut with the player (and is unable to escape)
  • After dealing with the Controller at close quarters, eat and drink again, retrieve the loot that makes up the "stash", and then loot any dead Monolithians on the way back.
  • From v1.4002 the Monolithians survive the scripted Blowout and will now be hostile to the player. One workaround for this (if the player desires to avoid circa 50 opponents) is to previously disable the Brain Scorcher by entering Lab X10 without the correct headgear. This will only give the player 4 minutes to deactivate the emitters but conclusion this way results in the Monolith vacating Radar. Clearly, this also results in the non-spawning of the Meet the Patriarch thread.


  • Quite a few victims are found at genuflection places around the Brain Scorcher emitters.
  • Reloads after the blowout will remove the bodies and their belongings.
  • (Make a lootpile somewhere convenient in the vicinity and drive round for it all later)
  • N.B. This will not work well from v1.4005. Loot will need to be placed in a non-volatile location such as a stash container to avoid the 'pruning' of the map clutter after a short period. The weapons are likely to be highly damaged or just unsaleable anyway.
  • If the player doesn't want to play nice with the Monolithians and pay their 5000 Ru 'fee', then the location may not be marked on the map, in addition to the necessity to retire 20+ well armed adversaries.