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PS5-M "Universal Protection"
PSZ 9Md Universal Protection-sml

Inventory icon

Lost Alpha
LA Protect Icon Impact


LA Protect Icon Rupture


LA Protect Icon Explode


LA Protect Icon Bullet


LA Protect Icon Fire


Chem. Burn
LA Protect Icon Chemburn


Electric Shock
LA Protect Icon Electra


LA Protect Icon Rads


Night Vision

1st Generation


12.0 kg


38,000 RU


The PS5-M "Universal Protection" is an protective suit that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha and all other canon S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

A wonderful protective suit for the Zone. Stalkers appreciate it because it combines excellent anomaly-proof and bullet-proof qualities. It includes the PSZ-9d suit, a closed cycle breathing system and an integrated system of anomalous field suppression. It provides quality bullet and splinter protection.
- Inventory description


  • A good suit that the player may not have early access to.
  • There are opportunities to obtain better and lighter suits relatively early in the game, such as the SEVA suit or the SSP-99M suit, the latter being around 4 kg lighter and with higher specifications.



  • This suit can be found on Countryside military checkpoint when come from Lost Factory the building with the number one, has a space on the roof. Only accessible when a car is parked in front of the building, so you can jump on the roof.
  • One suit is also available in the Damned level not far from the code door.
  • Arnie sells the suit for 50,000 RU but it has a slightly different stats:
    • Burn +80%
    • Electric Shock +90%
    • Impact +50%
    • Chemical Burn +70%
    • Explosion +50%,
    • Bulletproof Cap +40%
    • Radiation +90%



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