The PS5 "Duty" Suit" is an armour featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Produced by one of Kiev's defence research institutes and commissioned by the Duty faction. It is as simple and reliable as the standard PS5 model, but due to the new materials, it provides good protection from various harmful impacts, including firearm damage. The vest still needs some work because it has no breathing protection system.
- PDA description


  • Rebalanced PSZ 9d Duty armor introduced to replace the PSZ 9d Duty armor from v1.4000 onwards.
  • Uses the same iconography and textures as the preceding suit, as well as practically the same inventory description.


Lost AlphaEdit

  • Not available in Lost Alpha.

Developer's CutEdit

List of upgrades
ID Icon Upgrade Description
Cost Effect Requirements
1A IconArmourUpgrade Dolg outfit 1 Kevlar plates Kevlar is perhaps the most common material used in bullet-proof vests.
650 RU

Bulletproof cap +10%


1C IconArmourUpgrade Dolg outfit 2 Backup layer of protective plates An additional, internal layer of plates protects the user, if the external one is damaged.
1200 RU

Suit durability +15%

1E IconArmourUpgrade Dolg outfit 3 Scale ceramic armour The Scale system consists of tens of ceramic plates on top of each other, to provide excellent protection, even after receiving damage from bullets or shrapnel.
1800 RU

Bulletproof cap +30%

1F IconArmourUpgrade Dolg outfit 4 Ceramic coated plates Ceramic coating significantly reduces the impact of the bullet, splintering on contact.
1800 RU

Impact -30%

2A IconArmourUpgrade Dolg outfit 5 Padded textile lining This thick textile lining helps prevent damage to soft tissues of the body after a direct hit by a bullet or piece of shrapnel.
650 RU

Impact -10%

Tools for rough work (v1.4005 only)

2C IconArmourUpgrade Dolg outfit 6 Replacement of textile costume details with synthetic To reduce the weight of the armour, fasteners and gaskets are made of lighter synthetic materials.
1200 RU

Outfit weight -3.5 kg

2D IconArmourUpgrade Dolg outfit 8 Rubber padded overalls An ergonomic rubber padding increases mobility in bulky armour.
3000 RU

Power restore +2

2E IconArmourUpgrade Dolg outfit 7 "Shield" heavy-duty plastic protective inserts Durable skid plates provide additional protection from bullets.
1800 RU

Bulletproof cap +30%

3A IconArmourUpgrade Dolg outfit 9 Load distributing vest An ergonomic improvement - this special attachment for a protective suit will help you evenly distribute your load.
650 RU

Additional weight +5 kg

Tools for rough work (v1.4005 only)

3C IconArmourUpgrade Dolg outfit 10 "Custody" medical module A simple module for decontamination, tetanus prevention and stimulant injection. It is rather primitive, but doesn't leave lasting lacerations from its injections.
1500 RU

Health regeneration +3

3E IconArmourUpgrade Dolg outfit 11 "Varyag" field support system A combat support system built into the suit is a rare sight on the battlefield, usually limited just to special forces. This system provides adrenaline and blood coagulant injections.
3000 RU
  • Bleeding reduction +3
  • Power restore +3



  • The armour's name is indeed misspelled (extra quotation mark) in the game files.