For the v1.4000+ replacement, see PS5 "Duty" Suit".

The PSZ 9d Duty armor is an armour featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Produced by one of Kiev's defence research institutes and commissioned by the Duty faction. It is as simple and reliable as the standard PSZ-9 model, but due to the new materials, it provides good protection from various harmful impacts, including firearm damage. The vest still needs some work because it has no breathing protection system.
- PDA description


  • Armour is only available in Lost Alpha, in the Developer's Cut it is replaced by the PS5 "Duty" Suit".


Lost AlphaEdit

A0 Section

  • 1st Generation PNV - A night vision device which allows you to operate at night or in low light conditions. - 1,000RU

A1 Section

  • Rubberised fabric suit - Rubber provides basic protection from short-term radiation exposure. -  chemical_burn_protection = 0.55 shock_protection = 0.55 - 1,300RU

A2 Section

  • Extra carbon fibre covering - Carbon fibre is one of the most durable and wear resistant synthetic materials. - fire_wound_protection = 0.47 - 1,650RU

Developer's CutEdit

  • Not available in Developer's Cut.


  • You can get one for free as soon as you have access to the great metal factory. A duty member is guarding a door with this suit and other goodies behind it along the path to the bar and you can grab it through the door even though the door is supposed to be locked. If feeling cheeky you can sell the goods you stole to the person guarding them.