the Patriarch is a minor character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Leave us Captain, I shall speak to him alone.
- Patriarch to Captain


  • Completely unknown.


  • The Patriarch only appears if the player has agreed to accompany Captain to meet with him.
  • Numerous opportunities are available to the player to refuse further progress as the Meet the Patriarch mission advances.
  • The conclusion of the mission precipitates a Blowout during which the player must shelter in Nomad's little house as part of the Nomad's Belongings storyline task.
  • After the Blowout, the player may return to the compound and the Patriarch will remain there, as will most of the extant troops, until the Brain Scorcher has been disabled later on.


  • The player is advised not to use any of the Monolith blowout shelters, doing so will turn them hostile towards the player.
  • The blowout also kills some of the Monolithians, leaving their corpses mostly around the genuflection areas in the Brain Scorcher compound. Looting prospects vary, but any reload after the blowout will remove their bodies and any associated loot.