The Pig Farm is a minor location in Dark Valley featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

Overview Edit

  • This location is almost identical to its retail counterpart except for some visual and flora changes.
  • The player will come here on the main mission chain now instead of being mugged for some money.

Storyline Edit

Meet Petrenko's contact Edit

  • The player is prompted to come here to meet a contact by the name of Oleg Gusarov. He tells the player they must gain entrance to the Monolith Base, however to do this they must first find a Bandit jacket (located in Dark Valley Underground) and password. Once this has been done, entry can be achieved with relative ease with no combat.
  • From here, the player will be prompted to the general area of Dark Valley Underground, situated near the top right hand corner of Dark Valley.

Notable Loot Edit

Note Edit

  • Several Izloms are situated in and around the bushes to the Pig Farm. Players should be on their guard while walking/running round this area.

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