Lost Alpha
Rank Veteran
Reputation Neutral
Affiliation SCS Loners Loners
Status Varies
More info
Equipment Vintar BC


Mission info
Storyline tasks Cleaning
Side Missions None
Notes Gives the player an Xray PDA Skills module for completing the Cleaning task.

Proverb is a character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha standalone mod from v1.4000 onwards.

Overview Edit

  • Introduced for v1.4000.
  • The player has no option except to follow this character, initially.

Notes Edit

  • Its not advised to try getting his weapon early in the game. As of 1.4005 he no longer drops it when (and if) you kill him.
  • While he is wearing Trenchcoat his HP and resistance are more comparable to Exoskeleton wearing NPC.


  • Up to v1.4002 it was quite possible for Proverb to die in a variety of interesting manners (often near the local swamp Bloodsucker)
  • Up to v1.4002 the player could retrieve and use his Vintar BC.
  • As noted in the changelog for v1.4005 included with the game:
- Proverb will hold on to his Vintorez even in his afterlife)))
- Changelog v1.4005

Gallery Edit

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