RAF 33111 truck
At delivery point in Outskirts
General Characteristics



Light truck

Base cost

200000 Ru *



  • The RAF 33111 truck was built on a RAF-2203 chassis. Designed and developed by Rigas Autobusu Fabrika from 1976 (-) 1997. They were widely used throughout the USSR.


  • Provided that the player has the required 200000 Ru to buy this vehicle, Barkeep will deliver it at the Outskirts spawn point and not charge the player.
  • The vehicle has a bugged trunk which can sometimes crash your game while trying to enter the menu.
  • The headlights don't work.
  • The Raf truck also dies really easily from anomalies.
  • Vehicle may exhibit acrobatic displays and has suspect suspension.
  • Has a good turn of speed and provides excellent visibility for the user.


  • No units discovered in workable condition in the wild.
  • Probably the easiest car to drive, but unusable in the game thanks to the buginess.


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