Source of radioactivity
Radiation warning
Sometimes marked as above;
mostly unmarked.


Lost Alpha

many coded


Sporadic throughout
all locations.

Developer's Cut

many more coded


Anomalous fields of Radiation are endemic throughout the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha game area.

An area of increased radiation - over 50 mR/h. Staying in a radiation zone for longer periods of time is strongly discouraged.
- Encyclopedia description


  • Above background level areas of radioactive contamination blight the Zone and are a hazard that the player must deal with.
  • Metallic objects are frequently emitters of quite inimical levels of Radiation.
  • Visitors should carry a functional detector at all times in order to avoid these areas or be aware that mitigation procedures will be necessary.


  • The effects of Radiation may be warded with various Artifacts; although a suitably high-end set of Armour would provide initial resistance to contamination.
  • Severe contamination from Radiation may necessitate the use of prophylactic measures such as Antirad and / or the application of the various forms of medkit.


  • The various Mutants are, of course, immune to the depredations of the Radiation.


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