Got a job for you, Marked One...
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Ratcatcher is a major NPC character appearing in Lake Agroprom in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha.

I am from the recon unit. They sent us into the catacombs to see what's going on below the base. It's hell down there, I'm telling you. I was the only one to get out of there... Everyone else is dead and those bastards have accused me of murdering all my comrades!
- Ratcher to Marked One upon meeting


  • Previously a very minor character in the Base Game, the military occupant of the train car in the Lake Agroprom swamp now has a fixed and stable name - Ratcatcher.
  • Whereas the storyline previously had this deserter as a target for one of Barkeep's hit-jobs, he is now affiliated with the Loners (even though still retaining soldier uniform) and needs the player's help to clear his name and prevent his execution.
  • To this end the player's game immersion will be interrupted once the Agroprom Underground has been exited (frequently inside the Military Base) and the Help Ratcatcher task will be spawned.
  • The mission involves dropping any immediate business, making flank speed for his hideout, listening to his diatribe and then returning to the (now alert) Military Base for the Military documents that only become spawned if Ratcatcher gives the mission.
  • To be fair to the Dezowave team, this messing about does actually place the player in a more strategically opportune position for taking the base, since approach from the swamp area may be effected along the northern fence and the troops drawn out from position.
  • Entry to the base is then made by way of the nearby break in the wall where the rear of the main building can be used as cover while disposing of the lower level occupants.
  • Keeping a 'fluid' strategy will allow any adventurers that attempt to flank around the sides of the building to be eliminated as well.
  • The few remaining occupants may then be dealt with and the Military documents liberated.

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